Everything on our menu individually

We offer all the items in the menu to be sold also individually, such as our exquisite Bleu Cheese dressing, potato salad, etc.


Pick up/Drop Off

If all you require is ready to pick up food at our kitchens or a drop off at your event location, your catering order will be promptly available or delivered to your specifications on the day of your event. Perfect for any casual social or business event.


Passed Hors d’oeuvres

A convenient bite passed to your guests by our professional staff members. This style of service works well at cocktail hours, holiday parties, after hour business gatherings or any mingling style event! Passed hors d’oeuvres are a nice way to welcome guests, utilize a smaller sized venue or to thank them with a sweet send-off.


Stationary Display

A stationary display is an attractive culinary arrangement for your guests to choose from at their leisure. Unobtrusive and simple yet modern & chic, it works well for a small group, or combined with passed items for a larger group or extended cocktail event.


Stations/Reception Style

Staff attended food stations prepare plates to order and present them to your guests. This versatile style affords a personalized service while maximizing the social energy and movement of the group.  Additionally, the station setup allows us to control food quantity and presentation in a comfortable way for your guests.



The simplest style of service, a single buffet works best for small to medium sized casual gatherings. A buffet is a simple and attractive display and allows you to provide as much variety in food choices as you please.



Classic and elegant, this is a formal style of culinary service.  Courses are prepared and plated in the kitchen, then served to each of your seated guests by a coordinated team of our waitstaff. Seated service is very personal, making it a favorite for more formal affairs.



Best of both worlds. This style of service combines a served first course, followed by station service, which offers the guests more variety of culinary creations and is then completed with a served dessert or a cheese course and then dessert.


Family Style

Your selected menu items will be presented in large platters for your guests to share. This is perfect choice for a more casual and get to know you style of interactive entertaining.